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Plants for Bees and Bees for Plants!!
by Jui Pethe

We all know that honey bees play a very important role in crop production. Production of oil seeds, pulses, and fodder crops are known to increase many folds due to active pollination by honey bees. In an experiment conducted on bee pollination benefits, it was found that yield of Niger increased by 199%, Berseem by 3497%, Lucerne by 112%, Radish by 700%, Lime by 1500%, and Litchi by 150%. Increase in yield is a complementary advantage in bee keeping while harvesting the major benefits such as........      

Herbs as Mind-Body Medicines
by Editor

Today, use of herbs as mind-body medicines is a popular trend among masses; and there are multitudes of people who rely only on herbal remedies for getting cured themselves of many serious diseases including even cancers and severe heart conditions. While herbal medicines will work for some of the diseases, we should also know that they sometimes may not work for all diseases. Even though herbal medicines have some limitations, in most of the cases they work wonders if taken appropriately under ........      

Nutritious Lupini Beans : Food Uses
by Editor

Lupini beans, also called as lupin beans are seeds of a leguminous plant called yellow lupin. Scientific name of this plant is Lupinus luteus. Yellow-colored Lupini Beans are marketed as a brine in jar product. Lupini seeds are normally used as an appetizer.Lupini beans are popular in European and American countries as a pickled snack.It can be used both as a vegetable and a pulse. Seeds of these plants are used as edible products. Lupini beans are considered to be a native of Mediterranean re........      

Gardening for Pleasure and Health
by Editor

Gardening is the one of the healthiest hobbies for all age groups and for all vocations. Whether you live in a city or in a village,irrespective of your limitations you can pursue gardening for pleasure and health.There are different types of gardening such as home gardening, kitchen gardening, indoor gardening, rock gardening, rose gardening, roof gardening,vegetable gardening and so on. Indoor gardening can be pursued as a healthy hobby by corporate executives and home mak........      

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