Acaricide is a chemical that is used for killing ticks and mites
Acclimatization is the process by which a plant species is gradually getting adjusted in a changed environment for its survival
Acid fruits
Acid fruits are a group of fruits containing higher content of acid which makes the fruits sour in taste. For example, Kagzi nimboo or lime and lemon. Generally, acid fruits are used in the preparation of refreshing drinks, seasoning of foods, making of pickles, commercial citric acid and citrate of lime and cosmetics
Acid lime
Acid lime is also called sour lime. It is an important citrus fruit rich in citric acid content and therefore the name, acid lime.
Acre is a unit of land measure equal to 4000 square meter or 43560 sq.ft or 0.4 hectare
An additive may be anything that is added to a diet or a reaction mixture to increase its efficiency to give it more desirable characteristics
Aerial dusting
Aerial dusting is the process of application of chemicals mainly, insecticides, fungicides, or herbicides in the form of powder from an aeroplane or a helicopter
Aerial irrigation
Aerial irrigation is a type of sprinkler irrigation or overhead irrigation where water is conveyed under pressure through pipes to the area to be irrigated. An aerial irrigation system comprises of power generator, pump, pipelines and a sprinkler.
Aeroponics is an advanced hydroponics system where roots of growing plants are continuously or intermittently saturated with fine drops of water or mist (hence the name aerosol) of nutrient solution.
Agave is also known as American aloe, a plant belongs to the family Agavaceae. Agave is a hardy vigorous xerophytic plant, native of South America. Agave is a best suited plant for waste land cultivation and hence recommended for the large scale cultivation in waste lands. It is propagation is by suckers. Agave is mainly grown for the white silky fibers obtained from the processing of agave plants.
Aggregate fruit
An aggregate fruit is the product of the fusion of the several ovaries in the same flower. An aggregate fruit, or etaerio, develops from a flower with numerous simple pistils. Some popular examples of aggregate fruits are strawberry, raspberry etc.
Agmark is a popular agricultural marketing-national insignia for quality and purity for India, and applied to agriculture and animal husbandry products, under agricultural produce (grading and marketing) act, 1937 of India
Agricultural Regions of India
Agricultural Regions of India are well marked regions of the country having similar rainfall, temperature, altitudes, latitude, natural vegetation, soils, crop etc. Major agricultural regions of India are Temperate Himalayan region, dry northern wheat region, eastern rice region, Malabar coconut region, and southern millets region.
Agriculture is the practice of the production, processing and preservation and marketing of plants and animals and related products for human and animal consumption
Almond (Prunus amygdalus) is a deciduous nut tree that belongs to the family Rosaceae. Almond is considered to be a native of the eastern Mediterranean region. Almond nuts are highly valued for their nourishing and medicinal value. Almond oil extracted out of almond nuts are extensively used in perfumery.
Alphonso is a delicious, export variety of mango grown in central India. Alphonso mangoes are very famous for its quality and can be kept good for nearly three weeks.
Amaranth is a short season annual herb that is grown as a leafy vegetable. One ornamental variety of amaranth is also widely grown throughout the world for its showy flowers and attractive foliage. Amaranth belongs to the genus Amaranthus, and family Amaranthaceae.
Ambri kashmiri
Ambri kashmiri is a popular variety of Kashmiri apple. It is indigenous to the Kashmir valley of Indian subcontinent. This apple variety has , skin yellowish green skin with white flesh which is tender, crisp, juicy and aromatic. Ambri kashmiri is a good cropper and regular bearer.
Amorphophallus is also known as ‘Elephant foot yam‘. Amorphophallus is a tropical tuber crop that is generally used as a vegetable. Amorphophallus is used as a staple food in some tropical countries and African countries
Anab-e-shahi is a popular grape variety grown in Hyderabad region of Indian sub continent. Anab-e-shahi is thin skinned, oval-shaped white grapes which is sweet in taste. It is a grape variety of excellent eating quality. Anab-e-shahi is a heavy cropper which bears grape bunches of medium to large size in a moderately compact manner on fruiting grape vines.
Angelica is an aromatic herb that is native of Syria. The roots and fruits of Angelica plants are used for flavoring various food preparations
Anise is also known as aniseed. It is a herb of the parsley family and produces small, aromatic, edible seeds. Aniseed is used for flavoring food preparations and sometimes, in medicines. Aniseed is a native of the Mediterranean region. Essential oil extracted from aniseed fruits are used in perfumery and soap making
Anthocyanins are a group of pigments generally, present in plant sap. Anthocyanins are responsible for scarlet to purple to blue coloration of flowers, leaves and stems in plants
Anthracnose is a type of fungal infection that results in lesions on fruits and plants
Apiculture is the science and art of bee keeping.
Apple is popular temperate fruit of Malus or Pyrus species that belongs to the family Rosaceae. Apple is a native of south West Asia.
Arbor is a small structure of lattice work to support vines and provide shady retreat
Arboriculture is the cultivation of woody plants, particularly those used for decoration and shade. In other words, arboriculture is the selection, planting, care, and removal of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants
Arborsculpture is the art and technique of growing and shaping trunks of trees and other woody plants. By grafting, bending and pruning the woody trunks and or branches are grown into shapes either ornamental or useful.
Asafoetida is the dried latex obtained from tap roots of Ferula asafoetida, a perennial herb. This latex is acrid and bitter in taste. Asafoetida is used to flavor food preparations, and in medicinal preparations
Ash gourd
Ash gourd is also known as white gourd or wax gourd. Ash gourd is a climbing herb grown for its fleshy, immature fruit that is cooked as a vegetable. Ripe fruits are used for making cakes. Ash gourds contain vitamin A, B and C.
Asparagus is a small herb belonging to lily family. Tender, new shoots of asparagus are used as vegetable
Atemoya is a fruit of Annonaceae family. It is a cross between sitaphal and cherimoyer
Auxanometer is an instrument for measuring growth of the plants
Auxins are a group of growth promoting plant hormones that are produced at the growing points of the plants
Avocado is a popular fruit that is native of tropical America. It is an evergreen sub-tropical fruit. Avocado is used as a salad fruit and eaten fresh. It has high fat content, good source of vitamins A, B, C and G. Avocado also contains 1-4 % protein.