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Starting an Organic Certification Unit in India

Growing Jerusalem Artichoke

Mushroom Production

Our PPT Tutorials

Fruit Production:Phalsa

Fruit Production:Passion Fruit

Fruit Production:Mulberry


Raw Fruit Pickles

Problems in Pickle Making

Fruit Products

Fish Diet

Vegetable Pickles

Vegetable Products

Preparation of Jam

Pickle Making Process

Detoxification Diet

Growing Patchouli

Growing Ginger

Growing Garlic

Tree of Life-Introduction

Health Benefits of Moringa

Growing Onion

Growing Drumstick

Food and Culinary Uses of Moringa

Agricultural&Commercial Uses of Moringa

Significance of a Low-Fat Diet


Significance of a Salt-Free Diet

Organic Certification Process

Fertilizers and Manures for Organic Farming

Organic Certification Internal Control System

Preparation of Jelly

Freezing of Fruits and Vegetables

Preserved Fruits and Vegetables

Growing Medicinal Geranium

Growing Lavender Plants

Growing Lemongrass

Growing Oregano Plants

Growing Palmarosa, an Aromatic Grass

Growing Rosemary Plants

Growing Thyme Plants

Growing Valerian Plants

Growing Vetiver, an Aromatic Grass

Growing Yarrow Plants

Growing Fennel

Growing Clary Sage Herbs

Growing Citronella Grass

Growing Chamomile Plants

Growing Basil Plants

Aloe vera: A Valuable Medicinal Herb

Plant Nutrients for Garden Plants

Plant Growth Regulators for Garden Plants

Growing Parsley

Growing Garden Trees

Growing Garden Shrubs

Growing Medium for a Home Garden

Growing Bulbous Garden Plants

Growing Cacti and Succulents

History of Gardening

Herbal Gardening: An Introduction

Garden Climbers

Medicinal & Aromatic Uses of 22 Popular Herbs

Stress Management: An Introduction

Various Sources of Job Stress

The Consequences of Job Stress

Importance of Communication Skills

Benefits of Home Gardening

Lawn for a Home Garden

Growing Foliage House Plants

Terrace Gardening

Planning a Garden

Fruits and Vegetables for Balanced Diets

Significance of Carbo Diet

Fruits and Vegetables for Diabetics

Significance of Water Diet

Importance of Breakfast

Indoor Plants for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Gardening: An Introduction

Indoor Plants for Interior Decoration

Herbs, Vegetables and Fruits for Home Gardening

Container Gardening: Vegetables

Container Gardening: An Introduction

Food Colours Permitted for Food Processing

Food Additives for Food Processing

Leadership: An Introduction

Annual Flowering Plants Suitable for Home Gardens

Types of Garden Plants

Home Gardening: An Introduction

Franchise Businesses

7 Lucrative Home-Based Businesses

Home-Based Enterprises (HBEs): An Introduction

Funds and Financial Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs in India

Support Organisations for Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurship: An Introduction

Starting a Tomato Processing Unit

Starting a Mushroom Processing Unit

Starting a Mushroom Growing Unit

Starting an E-Business Unit in Food & Agriculture Sector

Starting a Cold Storage Unit

Starting a Plant Nursery

Gardening and Horticulture Enterprises: An Overview

Overview of Food and Agriculture Sector

Managing Fruit Orchards and Plantation Crops

Starting an Export Unit in Food & Agriculture Sector

7 Success Rules for Entrepreneurs

Importance of Motivation

Qualities of a Charismatic Leader

7 Habits of a Web Entrepreneur

Negotiation Skills

Fears of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship: An Introduction

10 Productivity Principles

7 Rules for a Successful Start Up

Advanced Packaging Technologies: Global Suppliers

Advanced Packaging Technologies: AIP

Advanced Packaging Technologies: MIP

Advanced Packaging Technologies: Controlled Atmosphere

Advanced Packaging Technologies: Modified Atmosphere

Advanced Packaging Technologies: CODEX Standards

Advanced Packaging Technologies : Packaging Designs

Advanced Packaging Technologies : Choosing Packaging

Advanced Packaging Technologies : Manufacturing Process

Advanced Packaging Technologies : Modern Innovations

Advanced Packaging Technologies : Polymer-Based Packaging

Advanced Packaging Technologies : An Introduction

Concept of Print on Demand

Concept of Self Publishing

Career in Digital Publishing

Writing as a Career

The Concept of Plagiarism

Technical Writing

The Writing Process

Bell Peppers

Apple: An Overview

Growing Curryleaf

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Roby Jose Ciju

Roby's technical writing is majorly based on her extensive academic knowledge and professional experience. She also relies on her travel experiences, extensive internet research, study of journals and books published in the same genre, and interactions and interviews with the industry experts as her resource materials. She writes for both beginners and professionals alike in the respective fields and takes utmost care in providing quality information. Her writings are written in simple language so that even a lay man can grasp the essence of the book. All her writings are brief, straight to the point and easy to understand. To know more about Roby, please visit www.robyjoseciju.com

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Harshita Joshi

Harshita Joshi is an agribusiness consultant and a freelance writer. She holds Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture and Post Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness Management. Horticulture is one of her areas of expertise and writing is her passion.She publishes her writings on horticulture with the help of agrihortico.com,a leading portal in horticulture knowledge dissemination services.

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Dr. Gowri Vijayan

Dr. Gowri Vijayan is a Horticulture graduate with a post graduate degree in Agribusiness management. She has recently completed her doctoral research on Sustainable Operations Management with a prominent International University. Crop production techniques, marketing of agricultural products and supply chain designing are some of her major areas of expertise. Writing is her passion and she publishes her work on agribusiness and horticulture through agrihortico.com, a leading portal in Food & Agriculture knowledge dissemination services.

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Aparna Bhatt

Aparna Bhatt has graduated in Horticulture Science. Subsequently, she received her post graduate in Food Technology. After completing her studies, she got appointed as Assistant professor for teaching and guiding 'Food Science' students. She has a keen interest in teaching and writing. She is a freelance writer and agrihortico.com, a leading portal helps her in publishing and disseminating her ideas.

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Sandhya Anand is a freelance writer with a Post Graduate Degree in Biotechnology and her major areas of expertise are genetics and plant breeding, agricultural biotechnology, statistics and Genetic Modification technology. She stands for the causes like environmental protection and biodiversity. She publishes her writings through www.agrihortico.com, a leading portal in the field of 'Food & Agriculture".