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Patchouli Herb

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Scientific name of Patchouli is Pogostemon patchouli (Syn. Pogostemon cablin). Patchouli belongs to mint family i.e. Labiatae or Lamiaceae. Patchouli is a tropical, perennial aromatic herb which is mainly grown for its aromatic leaves. Patchouli oil, a highly fragrant essential oil, is extracted from its dried herbage. Patchouli is also known as Stink Weed or Pucha Pot (Putcha-Pat). There are several species of patchouli under cultivation such as Pogostemon patchouli, Pogostemon commosum, Pogostemon hortensis, Pogostemon heyneasus and Pogostemon plectranthoides. However, Pogostemon patchouli yields the highest quality patchouli oil and is, therefore, widely cultivated for commercial purposes.

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