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Chrysanthemums and Marigolds

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Category: Gardening & Horticulture

Chrysanthemums and Marigolds are two popular flowers that belong to the eastern tropics. Both Chrysanthemums and Marigolds are popular among flower farmers of tropics. These crops require little care and are easy to grow because of their hardy nature. Chrysanthemums are known for their showy flowers and Marigolds are known for their nematode-repellant properties. Chrysanthemums and Marigolds have great economic value as cut flowers, loose flowers and as pot plants. A flower farmer of these crops can always find a stable demand for his/her crops in local domestic markets and/or in global export markets. In this era of heightened organic farming practices, Chrysanthemums and Marigolds assume great significance because of their biopesticidal properties.

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