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Refund Policy

As a user of our website www.agrihortico.com , it is the responsibility of individual user to go through the FREE SAMPLES given in each category of agrihortico services and study them for the quality and authenticity of the information provided. What you see in the FREE SAMPLES, is the quality that you get through your purchases at agrihortico.com. Therefore, you solely are responsible for your purchase decisions at agrihortico.com.

Since most of the resource materials available at agrihortico.com are electronic in nature, and it is easy to propagate such materials within seconds after accessing them, we CANNOT cancel purchase orders, accept returns of E-books or provide refunds on any of the services availed through our website, www.agrihortico.com.

However, if you want to contact us regarding any of your purchases, please feel free to contact us at agrihortico@gmail.com