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Gardening and Floral Designing

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Module 1: Gardening an Introduction
  1. History of Gardening
  2. Garden Lawns
  3. Growing Media for Garden Plants
  4. Plant Propagation Techniques
  5. Organic Fertilizers for Plants
  6. Garden Climbers
  1. gardenhistory
  2. gardenlawns
  3. growingmedia
  4. plantpropagation
  5. organicferti
  6. garden climbers
Module 2: Home Gardening: A Healthy Hobby
  1. homegardening 1
  2. homegardening 2
  3. homegardening 3
  4. homegardening 4
  5. homegardening 5
  6. homegardening 6
  7. homegardening 7
  8. homegardening 8
  9. homegardening 9
  10. homegardening 10
  11. homegardening 11
Growing a Home Garden
Module 3: Herbal Gardening as a Hobby
  1. herbintroduction
  2. herbs
  1. 21 Culinary Herbs
  2. Cilantro, the Coriander Greens
Module 4: Indoor Gardening, Container Gardening and Roof Gardening
  1. Indoor Gardening
  2. Container Gardening
  3. Terrace Gardening or Roof Gardening
  1. indoor gardener guide
  2. indoor gardening
  3. containergard
  4. containergardveg
  5. roofgard
Module 5: Floristry, Flower Displays, and Bonsai
  1. Bonsai Gardening and Floral Designing
  2. Floristry and Flower Displays
  1. bonsai
  2. floraldesigning
Bonsai Gardening and Floral Designing
Module 6: Garden Designing and Landscaping Landscapedesigning  
Module 7: Hydroponics- Soilless Gardening
  1. autohydroponics
  2. hydroponics
Module 8: Greenhouse Gardening
  1. Greenhouse and Greenhouse Construction
  2. Greenhouse Production
  3. IPM for Greenhouse Plants
  1. greenconstruction
  2. greenproduction
  3. ipmgreen

Health, Beauty, Diet and Nutrition

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Module 1: Aromatherapy for Physical and Mental Health
  1. Define Aromatherapy
  2. Physical and Emotional Benefits of Aromatherapy
  3. Herbs Suitable for Aromatherapy
  4. How to Grow Aromatic Herbs
N/A Growing Herbs for Aromatherapy
Module 2: Nutritional Benefits of Vegetables
  1. Health Benefits of 150 Vegetables
  2. Vegetables Rich in Minerals
  3. Vegetables Rich in Vitamins
  1. Health Benefits of 150 Vegetables
  2. Mineral Rich Vegetables
  3. Vitamin Rich Vegetables
Module 3: Superfoods and Anti-Ageing Foods
  1. Superfoods: Mushrooms and Seaweeds
  2. Brassica Vegetables for Fighting Lifestyle Diseases
  3. Some Popular Vegetable Superfoods
  4. Healthy Foods for Lifestyle Diseases
  5. Food Contamination and Food Safety
  1. Fnvdiabetics
  2. Foodcon
  1. Mushrooms and Seaweeds
  2. Growing Edible Mushrooms
  3. Asparagus Spears
  4. Brassica Vegetables
  5. Seaweeds as Vegetables
  6. Vegetable Superfoods

Writing and Publishing Careers

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Module 1: Writing as a Career
  1. Different Types of Writing: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction & Drama
  2. What is Technical/Professional/Academic Writing
  3. Concept of Plagiarism; Checking Plagiarism; Plagiarism Checking Software
  4. Importance of Citation/Bibliography

1.The Writing Career

2.The Writing Process

3.Technical Writing

4.Concept of Plagiarism



Module 2: Publishing as a Career
  1. What is Digital Publishing?
  2. What is Self Publishing?
  3. POD-Print on Demand Concept

1. Career in Digital Publishing

2. Concept of Self Publishing

3. Concept of POD



Personality and Skill Development Training


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Module 1: What is Your Personality Type
  1. Qualities and Skills Needed for an Entrepreneur
  2. Definition of personality
  3. Types of personality
  4. What is personality test
  5. Significance of personality tests
Module 2: How to Develop Your Personality
  1. Fundamentals: Civility and Manners, Dress Code etc
  2. Improving your personality
  3. Significance of IT Knowledge, Browsing, Internet Research etc– Computer Skills, Internet Skills
  4. Significance of Effective Communication– Communication Skills
  5. Significance of Social Networking on Face book, LinkedIn, Instagram etc– Social Skills, Networking Skills etc
  6. Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking Skills
Exercise: Download typing tutor software and increase your typing speed (up to 40 wpm)

Entrepreneurship: Women Enterprises, Agri-Enterprises, Food Enterprises, & Home-Based Enterprises

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Module 1: Define Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
  1. Principles of Entrepreneurship
  2. Rules for Starting an Enterprise
  3. Productivity Principles
  4. Entrepreneur's Fears
  5. Habits of Web Entrepreneur
  6. Negotiation Skills for Success
  7. Charismatic Leadership
  8. Motivation for Success
  9. Success Principles for Entrepreneurs
  10. Stress Management
  11. Arranging Finance/Funds for Your Enterprise
  • Exercise: SWOT Analysis of your personality
  1. Entrepreneurship: An Introduction
  2. SEVEN Rules for Start Ups
  3. TEN Productivity Principles
  4. Fears of an Entrepreneur
  5. SEVEN Habits of a Web Entrepreneur
  6. Negotiation Skills
  7. Qualities of a Charismatic Leader
  8. Motivation
  9. 7 Rules for Success
Managing Stress Naturally N/A
Module 2: Entrepreneurship in Food & Agriculture
  1. How to Start an e-business in Food & Agriculture sector
  2. How to start an export unit in Food & Agriculture sector
  3. How to Start a Gardening and Horticulture Enterprise
  4. How to Construct a Cold Storage
  5. How to Construct a Warehouse
  6. How to Start a Mushroom Growing Unit
  7. How to Start a Horticultural Nursery
  8. Processing of Tomatoes
  9. Processing of Mushrooms
  1. Food & Agri Overview
  2. Gardening & Horti Enterprise
  3. E-AgriBiz
  4. Starting an Export Unit
  5. Cold Storage Construction
  6. Mushroom Growing
  7. Tomato Processing
  8. Mushroom Processing
  1. E-Business Models and Web Strategies for Agribusiness
  2. Mushroom Farming 21 Rules for Success
  1. Starting a Horticultural Nursery
  2. Warehouse Construction
Module 3: Women Enterprises
  1. Women Entrepreneurship
  2. Women Empowerment Programmes of Indian Government
Module 4: Home-Based Enterprises
  1. Home-Based Enterprises for Women
  2. How to Start a Food Business from Home?


Career Counselling for Students and Jobseekers

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Module 1: What to Do After Graduation

  1. Doing Post Graduation and Research in Own Country
    1. How to Choose a Subject for Higher Studies based on Career scope, Career progression and Pay scale
    2. How to Get Admission in Top Management Institutes/ Top Research Institutes- Admission Criteria: CAT/MAT/GATE etc; Placement Availability; Tuition Fee; Scholarships: JRF/SRF/UGC Grants etc;
    3. How to Avail Education Loans
  2. International Education/Study Abroad
    1. How to Choose a Country for Study Abroad
    2. Top Countries offering Quality Education for International Students UK/USA/Canada/Australia etc
    3. Availability of Scholarships for International Students
    4. English Language Requirements: IELTS/TOEFL etc
    5. Visa Requirements
    6. Arranging Educational Loans
    7. Career after Study Abroad:  Career Abroad/Career in Own Country
  1.  agrisciences overview

  2. horticareers

  3. foodcareers


Module 2: How to Find a Suitable Job?

  1. Finding a Job in Own Country
    1. Campus Placements,
    2. Registering with Top Employment Sites, Registering with Top Recruitment Consultants
    3. Finding a Job through Internal Referrals
    4. Responding to Media Job Advertisements – Newspapers, Websites, Magazines etc
  2. Importance of an Impressive Resume
  3. Importance of Interview Skills, Negotiation Skills etc
  4. Job Abroad : Applying through Foreign Websites; Skilled Migration Program etc

Online Careers & Digital Enterprises

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Module 1: Financially Rewarding Online Careers
  1. Independent Publishing/Digital Publishing
  2. Internet Assessment/Search Engine Quality Analysis
  3. Writing Careers – Academic Writing, Technical Writing, Blog Writing, Website Content Writing etc
  4. Online Retailing and Reselling
  5. Online Tuitions and Recruitments
  6. Website Designing and Graphics
  7. Content Management and Marketing
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Ads Publishing
  10. Online Surveys
  11. Upwork: Freelance jobs online
  1. Highly Paid Online Careers
  2. Independent Publishing
  3. Internet Assessment
Module 2: How to Start a Digital Business
  1. Steps in Starting Digital Business
  2. Building a Website
  3. Website Monetization
  4. Integration of E-Commerce
  5. E-Marketing/Digital Marketing Principles
  1. StartDigitalBiz
  2. Website Building
  3. Domain Name
  4. Website Monetization
  5. SEO
  6. eCom Website Security
  1. Basics of E-Business