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Gardening, Horticulture and Floral Designing

Download BEGINNER'S GUIDE-SEMINAR/eLearning Program 1 GARDENING & HORTICULTURE for detailed instructions

Module 1

Gardening & Horticulture: An Introduction


Video References

Pencil Cactus

Horticulture: An Introduction

History of Gardening

Lessons: How to Establish a Beautiful Garden?

  1. Lesson 1: Knowing Your Garden Soil 
  2. Lesson 2: Knowing Your Garden Climate and Topography 

PDF References 

  1. Garden Tools

Module 2

A Guide to Growing Garden Annuals 

  1. Lesson 4: Introduction to Garden Annuals 
  2. Lesson 5: Container Gardening of Annuals
  3. Lesson 6: Using Annuals in a Garden 
  4. Lesson 7: How to Grow Annuals
  5. Lesson 8: Growing Annuals - Stocks 
  6. Lesson 9: Growing Annuals - Rose Moss 
  7. Lesson 10: Growing Annuals - Cosmos 
  8. Lesson 11: Growing Annuals - Corn Flower
  9. Lesson 12: Growing Annuals - Coleus 
  10. Lesson 13: Growing Annuals - China Aster
  11. Lesson 14: Growing Annuals - Baby's Breath 
  12. Lesson 15: Growing Annuals - Calliopsis
  13. Lesson 16: Growing Annuals - Candytuft 

Module 3

A Guide to Growing Garden Bulbs 

  1. Pest Disease Management in Garden Bulbs

Module 4

Home Gardening and Growing Practices for Various Garden Plants


  1. Home Gardening: An Introduction 
  2. Home Gardening: Types of Garden Plants
  3. Annual Flowering Plants for Home Gardening 
  4. Herbs, Vegetables and Fruits for Home Gardening 
  5. Benefits of Home Gardening
  6. Growing Garden Climbers
  7. Growing Cacti and Succulents 
  8. Growing Garden Bulbs 
  9. Growing Garden Shrubs 
  10. Growing Garden Trees
  11. Growing Media for Garden Plants 


Book References

Growing a Home Garden 

Bulb Crops for Home Gardens 

Module 5

Herbal Gardening


Video References

Know Your Herbs 



  1. Herbal Gardening: An Introduction
  2. Medicinal and Aromatic Uses of 22 Popular Herbs
  3. Growing Parsley
  4. Growing Patchouli 
  5. Growing Medicinal Geranium
  6. Growing Lavender Plants
  7. Growing Lemongrass
  8. Growing Rosemary 
  9. Growing Oregano Plants
  10. Growing Palmarosa
  11. Growing Clary Sage
  12. Growing Fennel
  13. Growing Yarrow
  14. Growing Vetiver
  15. Growing Valerian
  16. Growing Thyme
  17. Growing Citronella
  18. Growing Chamomile
  19. Growing Basil
  20. Growing Aloe

PDF References

  1. Aloe Production
  2. Parsley Production

Book References

21 Culinary Herbs

Cilantro, the Coriander Greens 



Mint Herbs

Module 6

Indoor Gardening



  1. Indoor Gardening: An Introduction
  2. Indoor Plants for Interior Decoration 
  3. Indoor Plants for Improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  4. Growing Foliage House Plants 

PDF References 

  1. Indoor Plants for Dark Corners
  2. Indoor Plants for Beginners
  3. Shade-Loving Indoor Flowering Plants
  4. Shade-Loving Indoor Foliage Plants

Module 7

Container Gardening 


  1. Container Gardening: An Introduction 
  2. Container Gardening: Vegetables
  3. Container Gardening of Cilantro

Module 8

Floristry, Flower Displays, and Bonsai

  1. Bonsai: An Introduction
  2. Floral Designing


Book References

Bonsai Gardening and Floral Designing

Module 9

Garden Designing and Landscaping


  1. How to Design a Garden 
  2. How to Create a Garden Lawn 
  3. How to Design a Terrace Garden
  4. Landscape Designing

Module 10

Hydroponics- Soilless Gardening


  1. Hydroponics: An Introduction
  2. Automated Hydroponics


PDF References

  1. Aggregate system of Hydroponics
  2. DWC system of Hydroponics
  3. Growing media for Hydroponics
  4. Propagation system of Hydroponics
  5. Growing system of Hydroponics
  6. Light Placement in Hydroponics
  7. Hydroponics: Measuring EC and TDS of Nutrient Solution
  8. Nutrient Monitoring Process in Hydroponics

Book References

Advanced Hydroponics Technologies 

Module 11

Greenhouse Gardening

  1. Greenhouse Production: An Introduction
  2. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of Greenhouse Crops 
  3. Greenhouse Chrysanthemums

Module 12

Plant Nutrition and Growth Management for Garden Plants

  1. Plant Growth Regulators for Garden Plants
  2. Plant Nutrition for Garden Plants
  3. Plant Propagation Techniques

Module 13

Vegetables and Vegetable Production


Video References 

  1. Brinjal/Eggplant: An Introduction
  2. Okra or Lady's Finger
  3. Bottle Gourd
  4. Colocasia
  5. Green Leafy Vegetables
  1. Olericulture: An Introduction 
  2. Growing Curry Leaf
  3. Growing Apples 
  4. Growing Bell Peppers 
  5. Brussels Sprouts
  6. Growing Celery
  7. Chinese Artichokes
  8. Growing Chives
  9. Chinese Cabbage
  10. Growing Onion 
  11. Growing Ginger 
  12. Growing Garlic 
  13. Growing Spine Gourd 
  14. Growing Spinach 
  15. Growing Asparagus
  16. Growing Broccoli
  17. Growing Zucchini
  18. Mustard Spinach
  19. Growing Kale
  20. Jerusalem Artichokes
  21. Growing Gherkins
  22. Chili Peppers
  23. Jalapenos
  24. Growing Leek
  25. Globe Artichoke
  26. Rhubarb
  27. Malabar Spinach
  28. New Zealand Spinach
  29. Lettuce
  30. Knolkhol
  31. Arugula
  32. Portulaca
  33. Garden Sorrels
  34. Watercress
  35. Swisschard
  36. Collard Greens
  37. Amaranth Greens
  38. Mustard Greens
  39. Fenugreek Greens
  40. Spinach Greens
  41. Garden Cress
  42. Dill Leaves
  43. Chervil
  44. Chicory
  45. Cauliflower
  46. Turnip
  47. Rutabaga
  48. Radish
  49. Carrot
  50. Beet Root
  51. Tomato
  52. Pumpkin
  53. Cilantro: An Introduction
  54. Growing Cilantro

PDF References

  1. Amaranth Leaves
  2. Beet Leaves
  3. Cauliflower Production
  4. Celery Production
  5. Chives Production
  6. Colocasia Production
  7. Crosnes Production
  8. Fenugreek Leaves
  9. Globe Artichoke Production
  10. Growing Brussels Sprouts
  11. Jerusalem Artichoke Production
  12. Kale Production
  13. Kohlrabi Production
  14. Lettuce Production
  15. Mustard Greens
  16. Okra or Lady's finger
  17. Tapioca Production
  18. Yams Production
  19. Zucchini Production
  20. Types of Chili Peppers
  21. Gherkins
  22. Spine Gourd
  23. Cauliflower
  24. Pumpkin Production
  25. Tomato Production
  26. Turnip
  27. Rutabaga
  28. Radish
  29. Carrot
  30. Cilantro: The Coriander Leaves

Book References

Leaves as Vegetables

Jerusalem Artichoke

Vegetable Greens 

Seaweeds as Vegetables

5 Popular Perennial Vegetables 

Growing Knolkhol, Lettuce and Zucchini

Jalapeno Peppers 

Bulbous Vegetables: Onion, Garlic, and Leek 

Brassica Vegetables 

Bell Peppers 

Chile Peppers

Growing Kale Leaves, Brussels Sprouts and Celery 

Rhubarb, the Pie Plant

Growing Artichokes, Crosnes, Broccoli, and Chives 

Chinese Cabbages 

3 Spcialty Cucurbits 

Asparagus Spears 

Curry Leaf Plant

5 Leafy Salad Vegetables 

Flowers as Vegetables

Module 14

Moringa/Drumstick: The Tree of Life or The Miracle Tree

  1. The Tree of Life: An Introduction
  2. Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Moringa 
  3. Food and Culinary Uses of Moringa
  4. Agricultural and Commercial Uses of Moringa 
  5. Growing Moringa/Drumstick


Book References

Moringa, the Drumstick Tree 

Module 15 

Fruits and Fruit Production

Video References 

  1. Passion Fruits: An Introduction
  2. Jack tree and Jackfruit
  3. Mulberry Plant
  4. Papaya Fruit
  5. Coconut Palm Groves
  6. Custard Apple
  7. Know Your Fruits and Nuts
  1. Pomology: An Introduction 
  2. Fruit Production: Passion Fruit
  3. Fruit Production: Mulberry
  4. Fruit Production: Papaya
  5. Fruit Production:Custard Apple
  6. Fruit Production:Banana
  7. Fruit Production:Phalsa
  8. Fruit Production:Sapodilla/Sapota
  9. Growing Apple Trees
  10. Gooseberry/Aonla
  11. Almond
  12. Lemons
  13. Limes
  14. Oranges
  15. Pomegranate
  16. Jack Fruit
  17. Pineapple
  18. Grapefruit
  19. Strawberry
  20. Blackberry

PDF References 

  1. Banana: Health Benefits
  2. Mango Production
  3. Grapefruit Production
  4. Strawberry Production
  5. Blackberry Production

Module 16

Flowers and Flower Production


Video References 

  1. Bougainvillea Flowers
  2. Marigold Flowers 
  3. Yellow Bells Flowers 
  4. Flaming Glorybower Flowers 
  5. Gulmohar, the Flame Tree 
  6. Cassia fistula, the Indian Laburnum
  7. Ground Orchids
  8. Roses: The Queen of Flower
  9. White Rain Lilies
  10. White Ginger Lily
  11. Plumeria Flowers
  12. The Rangoon Creeper
  13. Hibiscus Flower
  1. Flower Vegetables
  2. Chrysanthemums: An Introduction
  3. Growing Chrysanthemums
  4. Marigold: An Introduction
  5. Growing Marigolds
  6. Tuberose
  7. Lilies
  8. Amaryllis

PDF References

  1. Flowers as Vegetables

Book References

Growing Rose Flowers

Chrysanthemums and Marigolds 


Growing Lilies, Tuberose and Amaryllis



Module 17 

Production of Spice and Plantation Crops 


Video References 

    1. Tea Estates
    2. Coffee
  1. Growing Cardamom
  2. Growing Peppercorns
  3. Tamarind: An Introduction
  4. Growing Tamarind Trees
  5. Turmeric: An Introduction
  6. Growing Turmeric Plants


Book References


Tamarind, the Indian Date 

Ginger, Turmeric and Indian Arrowroot


Module 18

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants 


Video References 

  1. Catharanthus
  2. Holy Basil-Tulsi
  3. The Lemons
  1. Aconite
  2. Asafoetida 
  3. Ashvagandha
  4. Ashoka
  5. Bael 
  6. Belladonna
  7. Beleric Myrobalan
  8. Peppermint
  9. Mint Herb
  10. Horse Purslane
  11. Flame of the Forest
  12. Brahmi
  13. Castor
  14. Chaulmogra
  15. Calamus
  16. Chirayata
  17. Catharanthus
  18. Centella or Asiatic Pennywort
  19. Cinchona
  20. The Devil Tree
  21. Indian Arrowroot
  22. Cassia Fistula


Book References

Common Medicinal Plants 

Module 19

Mushrooms and Seaweeds 

  1. Mushroom
  2. Edible Mushroom

PDF References

  1. Mushroom Production

Book References

Growing Edible Mushrooms 

Mushroom Farming 

Seaweeds as Vegetables 

Mushrooms and Seaweeds 

Module 20

Rock Gardening

  1. Lesson1: Site 
  2. Lesson 2: Placement of Rocks 
  3. Lesson 3: Soil 
  4. Lesson 4: Lay Out 
  5. Lesson 5: Rock Hills 
  6. Lesson 6: Dry Wall 
  7. Lesson 7: Propagation 
  8. Lesson 8: Planting
  9. Lesson 9: Care and Maintenance 

Module 21

Post Harvest Technology 

  1. Post Harvest Management of Fruits & Vegetables
  2. Chili Peppers-PHM

Module 22

Egg and Egg Production

  1. Egg and Its Structure
  2. Classification and Chemical Composition of Eggs
  3. Quality Evaluation of Eggs
  4. Egg Spoilage, Preservation and Maintenance
  5. Functional Properties of Egg and Egg Powder
  6. Egg Formulations

Health, Beauty, Diet and Nutrition

Download BEGINNER'S GUIDE-SEMINAR/eLearning Program 2 HEALTH & NUTRITION for detailed instructions

Module 1

(eLearning Program 2A)

Aromatherapy for Physical and Mental Health

  1. Aromatherapy: An Introduction
  2. Aromatic Herbs & their uses in Aromatherapy
  3. Aromatic Oils: Extraction and Application
  4. 21 Types of Aromatic Oils
  5. Therapeutic Aromatherapy
  6. Aromatic Oils for Physical and Mental Health

Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 2A


Book References

Growing Herbs for Aromatherapy

Module 2

(eLearning Program 2B)

Nutritional Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables


Video References

  1. Amaranth Leaves and Eggs Scrambled: Recipe
  2. Amaranth Leaves and Grated Coconut: Recipe
  3. Kakrol or Spine Gourd Fry Recipe
  1. Nutritional Benefits of Fruits 
  2. Nutritional Benefits of Vegetables 
  3. Fruits and Vegetables for Youth and Beauty
  4. Herbs, Species and Milk for Youth and Beauty

Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 2B


Book References

Health Benefits of 150 Vegetables

Mineral Rich Vegetables

Vitamin Rich Vegetables

Vegetables: Nutritional and Medicinal Value

A Technical Guide to Eggs in Foods

Module 3

(eLearning Program 2C)

Superfoods and Anti-Ageing Foods


  1. Superfoods: An Introduction
  2. Fish Diet for Brain Health

Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 2C


Book References

Mushrooms and Seaweeds

Spinach Herbs

Vegetable Superfoods

Brassica Vegetables

Bell Peppers

Asparagus Spears

Module 4

(eLearning Program 2D)

Balanced Diet and Nutrition 

  1. Balanced Diet: An Introduction
  2. Fruits and Vegetables for Balanced Diets
  3. Importance of a Healthy Body Weight 
  4. Importance of Breakfast
  5. Detoxification Diet 
  6. Significance of Water-Diet
  7. Significance of Carbo-Diet
  8. Significance of Low Fat Diet
  9. Significance of Salt-Free Diet 
  10. Fruits and Vegetables for Diabetics 
  11. Fatty Acids
Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 2D

Module 5

(eLearning Program 2E)

Therapies for Beauty and Health

  1. Taking Care of Your Body
  2. Hydro Therapy 
  3. Mud Therapy 

Module 6

(eLearning Program 2F)

Cooking and Eating

  1. 5 Healthy Ways of Cooking
  2. Improve Your Digestion
  3. Eat Mindfully
  4. 6 Tastes of Food
  5. Banned Food Additives
  6. Chemical Responsible for Food Flavour
  7. Making Fermented Beverages
  8. Flavours for Processed Foods

Writing and Publishing

Download BEGINNER'S GUIDE-SEMINAR/eLearning Program 3 WRITING & PUBLISHING for detailed instructions

Module 1

Writing as a Career

1.The Writing Career

2.The Writing Process

3.Technical Writing

4.Concept of Plagiarism




Module 2

Publishing as a Career

1. Career in Digital Publishing

2. Concept of Self Publishing

3. Concept of POD


Module 3

Sales and Marketing of Print Books and EBooks





Personality and Skills


Download BEGINNER'S GUIDE-SEMINAR/eLearning Program 4 PERSONALITY & SKILLS for detailed instructions

Module 1

Personality and Personality Types

  1. Human Personality: An Introduction
  2. Personality Theories
  3. FOUR Levels of Personal Growth 
  4. NINE Levels of Human Consciousness 
  5. Motivation: An Important Personality Trait 
  6. Theories of Motivation 
  7. Process of Goal Setting
  8. Importance of Having Life Goals
  9. Skills for Achieving Life Goals


Book References

20 Books for Personal Development

The Art of Perfect Living 

Module 2

Leadership Skills & Team Building Skills 

    1. Leadership: An Introduction
    2. Qualities of a Charismatic Leader 
    3. Leadership Models
    4. Effective Leadership
    5. 3 C's of Leadership
    6. 5 Challenges of a Leader
    7. Team Building Skills
    8. People Management Skills

Module 3

Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Listening Skills & Interpersonal Skills 

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Negotiation Skills 
  3. Interpersonal Skills 
  4. Listening Skills

Module 4

Internet Skills & Social Media Skills

  1. Internet Skills
  2. Social Media Skills 
  3. Email Skills 
  4. Search Engine Skills  

Module 5

Time Management Skills & Stress Management Skills

  1. Time Management Skills
  2. Stress Management: An Introduction 
  3. Sources of Job Stress
  4. Consequences of Job Stress


Book References

Managing Stress Naturally

Entrepreneurship: Women Enterprises, Agri-Enterprises, Food Enterprises, and Home-Based Enterprises

Download BEGINNER'S GUIDE-SEMINAR/eLearning Program 5 ENTREPRENEURSHIP for detailed instructions

Module 1

(eLearning Program 5: Entrepreneurship-An Introduction)

Define Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship


  1. Entrepreneurship: An Introduction
  2. SEVEN Rules for Start Ups
  3. TEN Productivity Principles
  4. Fears of an Entrepreneur
  5. SEVEN Habits of a Web Entrepreneur
  6. 7 Rules for Success
  7. Positive Attitude for Success
  8. Positive Beliefs for Success
  9. Positive Values for Success
  10. Building an Organization


Book References

20 Books for Personal Development 

The Art of Perfect Living: 7 Personal Powers for Perfection 

Managing Stress Naturally

Module 2

(eLearning Program 5 A: Entrepreneurship-Foods and Beverages Enterprises)

Foods and Beverages Enterprises



  1. Beverages: An Introduction 
  2. Fruit Beverages

Canning of Fruits and Vegetables 

  1. Starting a Commercial Cannery
  2. Canning of Fruits and Vegetables
  3. Containers for Canned Products
  4. Quality Control of Canned Foods
  5. How to Utilize Food Waste from a Cannery

Food Safety 

  1. Food Safety for Fresh Foods 
  2. Food Colours Permitted for Food Enterprises
  3. Food Additives Permitted for Food Enterprises
  4. Food Contaminants

Food Packaging

Lesson 1: Advanced Packaging Technologies for Food Enterprises: An Introduction

Lesson 2: Polymer-Based Packaging Solutions for Food Enterprises

Lesson 3: Modern Innovations in Food Packaging

Lesson 4: Manufacturing Process of Food Packaging Materials 

Lesson 5: How to Choose a Proper Packaging for Perishable/Fresh Produce?

Lesson 6: Packaging Designs for Perishable/Fresh Produce 

Lesson 7: CODEX Standards for Fresh Produce

Lesson 8: Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh Produce 

Lesson 9: Controlled Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh Produce 

Lesson 10: Modified Interactive Packaging for Fresh Produce 

Lesson 11: Active and Intelligent Packaging for Perishable/Fresh Produce

Lesson 12: Global Suppliers of Packaging Technologies

Genetically Modified Crops

  1. Genetically Modified Crops: An Introduction
  2. Herbicide Resistance in GM Plants
  3. Pest and Disease Resistance in GM Plants 
  4. Antibiotic Resistance in GM Plants 
  5. Golden Rice: A GM Rice
  6. Genetically Modified Vegetables 
  7. Genetically Modified Fruits 
  8. Genetically Modified Corn and Canola
  9. Genetically Modified Cotton
  10. GM: Some Myths 

Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 5A

PDF References 

  1. Current Packaging Practices
  2. Paper & Wood Based Packaging Materials
  3. Polymer Based Packaging Materials: Polyethylene
  4. Polymer Based Packaging Materials: Vinyl Polymers
  5. Polymer Based Packaging Materials: Polystyrene
  6. Polymer Based Packaging Materials: Polyester
  7. Polymer Based Packaging Materials: Polypropylene & Polyamides
  8. Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials
  9. Modern Innovations in Packaging Materials

Book References

Advanced Packaging Technologies for Perishable Foods  

Genetically Modified Crops

Module 3

(eLearning Program 5 B: Entrepreneurship-Agri Enterprises)

Agriculture/Agribusiness Enterprises

Agriculture: An Introduction 

  1. Overview of Food & Agriculture Sector
  2. Agro-Climatic Zones in India
  3. Gardening and Horticulture Enterprises: An Overview
  4. Rules of Fertiliser Application 
  5. Precision Farming: An Introduction 
  6. Fertigation and Chemigation 
  7. Plasticulture 
  8. Protective Horticulture 
  9. Centers of Origin of Popular Crop Plants 

Farm Management and Farm Business 

  1. Farm Management: An Introduction
  2. Farm Management: As a Science
  3. Farm Business Analysis

Agriculture Enterprises for Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

  1. Starting an E-Business Unit in Agriculture Sector
  2. Starting an Export Unit
  3. Cold Storage Construction
  4. Starting a Mushroom Growing Unit
  5. Starting Mushroom Processing Unit
  6. Starting Tomato Processing Unit
  7. Starting a Plant/Horticultural Nursery
  8. Starting and Managing Fruit Orchards and Plantations

PDF References

  1. Starting an Horticulture Business Center
  2. Warehouse Construction

Book References

Website Guide for Agribusiness and Horticulture Concepts 

E-Business Models and Web Strategies for Agribusiness

Mushroom Farming 21 Rules for Success

Growing Edible Mushrooms


Jerusalem Artichoke 

Growing Herbs for Aromatherapy 

Module 4

(eLearning Program 5 C: Entrepreneurship-Women Enterprises)

Women Enterprises

  1. Women Entrepreneurship: An Introduction
  2. Support Organisations for Women Entrepreneurs 
  3. Funds and Financial Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs in India
Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 5C

Module 5

(eLearning Program 5 D: Entrepreneurship-HBEs)

Home-Based Enterprises

  1. Home-Based Enterprises(HBEs): An Introduction
  2. 7 Lucrative Home-Based Businesses
  3. Franchise Business
  4. List of Fruit Products 
  5. List of Vegetable Products 
  6. Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables 
  7. Freezing of Fruits and Vegetables 
  8. Preparation of Jam 
  9. Preparation of Jelly 
  10. Pickle Making Process 
  11. Vegetable Pickles
  12. Raw Fruit Pickles 
  13. Problems in Pickle-Making
  14. Making Vinegar 
  15. Home Based Canning of Fruits and Vegetables
  16. Making Wine
  17. Making Fresh Fruit Juices
Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 5D

Module 6

(eLearning Program 5 E: Entrepreneurship-Dairy and Livestock Enterprises)

Dairy and Animal Husbandry Enterprises 

  1. Milk: An Introduction 
  2. Composition of Milk 
  3. Properties of Milk
  4. Processing of Fresh Milk 
  5. 10 Types of Processed Milk 
  6. Milk Products: Cheese 
  7. Milk Products: Curd and Yoghurt 
  8. Milk Products: Cream and Ice Cream
  9. Milk Products: Butter, Ghee and Butter Oil
  10. Milk Products: Milk Powder and Condensed Milk 
  11. Indigenous Sweetmeats from Milk
  12. Packaging of Milk and Milk Products 


Book References

Milk and Milk Products 

Module 7

(eLearning Program 5 F: Entrepreneurship-Organic Agriculture and Organic Foods Enterprises)

Organic Foods Enterprises

  1. Fertilizers and Manures for Organic Farming
  2. Organic Certification Process
  3. Organic Certification Internal Control System (ICS)
  4. Organic Farming: An Introduction
  5. Organic Farming in India
  6. Basics of Organic Certification
  7. Organic Certification of Farm
  8. Organic Certification in India
  9. Organic Certification Labelling
  10. Organic Certification of Farmer Groups
  11. Organic Certification: Common Issues
  12. Exports of Organic Products
  13. Organic Growing: Weed Management
  14. Organic Pest Disease Management
  15. Organic Pest Disease Management: Mechanical Method
  16. Organic Pest Disease Management: Biopesticides
  17. Organic Pest Disease Management: Biocontrol Method
  18. Organic Manures and Fertilizers
  19. Organic Manures: Green Manuring Crops
  20. Organic Manures: Vermicompost
  21. Organic Fertilizers: Biofertilizers
  22. Organic Production Practices: An Overview
  23. Processing of Organic Foods
  24. Organic Banana
  25. Organic Blackpepper
  26. Organic Coffee
  27. Organic Cotton
  28. Organic Ginger
  29. Organic Mango
  30. Organic Sugarcane
  31. Organic Red Gram
  32. Organic Rice
  33. Organic Okra
  34. Organic Tomato
  35. Organic Turmeric

PDF References

  1. Starting an Organic Certification Agency
  2. Composting Process
  3. Organic Production of Coffee
  4. Organic Production of Blackpepper

Book References

Organic Food Certification Strategies 

Organic Crop Production Technology

Organic Production of Agronomic Crops

Organic Production of Pepper, Ginger and Turmeric

Organic Production of Coffee, Okra, Tomato, Mango and Banana


Careers in Food and Agriculture Sector

Download  BEGINNER'S GUIDE-SEMINAR/eLearning Program 6 CAREERS IN F&A SECTOR  for detailed instructions

Module 1

Careers in Food & Agribusiness Industry 


  1. Careers in Agriculture Sector
  2. Careers in Food Sector 

Module 2

Careers in Gardening & Horticulture Industry 


  1. Careers in Horticulture Industry 
  2. Careers in Floristry and Floriculture Sector
  3. Careers in Nursery and Greenhouse Management
  4. Careers in Gardening and Landscaping Industry 
  5. Careers in Pomology and Olericulture 
  6. Careers in Spices, Herbs, Organic and Plantation Industry   

Module 3

How to Find a Suitable Career in F & A Sector?


How to Find a Suitable Career in F & A Sector?   

E-Business (Digital Enterprises) and Online Careers

Download BEGINNER'S GUIDE for Seminar/eLearning Program 7: E-BUSINESS for detailed instructions

Module 1

Concept of E-Business & E-Business Models 

  1. Website and Internet: An Introduction 
  2. Concept of E-Business and E-Business Models 
  3. 5 Steps in Starting an E-Business
  4. Website for E-Business 
  5. E-Business Strategies 
  6. How to Market an E-Business 
  7. Advantages of E-Business 
  8. Constraints in E-Business 


Book References

Basics of E-Business

Module 2

E-Marketing Strategies 

  1. E-Marketing Strategies 
  2.  Affiliate Marketing 
  3. E-Mail and Social Media Marketing 
  4. Search Engine Marketing and SEO 
  5. Content Marketing 
  6. Web Analytics and Directory Listing 

Module 3

Online Careers  

  1. Online Careers: An Introduction 
  2. Highly Paid Online Careers 
  3. Online Marketing Careers