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Personality and Skill Development Training


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Module 1: What is Your Personality Type
  1. Qualities and Skills Needed for an Entrepreneur
  2. Definition of personality
  3. Types of personality
  4. What is personality test
  5. Significance of personality tests
Module 2: How to Develop Your Personality
  1. Fundamentals: Civility and Manners, Dress Code etc
  2. Improving your personality
  3. Significance of IT Knowledge, Browsing, Internet Research etc– Computer Skills, Internet Skills
  4. Significance of Effective Communication– Communication Skills
  5. Significance of Social Networking on Face book, LinkedIn, Instagram etc– Social Skills, Networking Skills etc
  6. Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking Skills
Exercise: Download typing tutor software and increase your typing speed (up to 40 wpm)