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Health, Beauty, Diet and Nutrition

Download BEGINNER'S GUIDE-SEMINAR/eLearning Program 2 HEALTH & NUTRITION for detailed instructions

Module 1

(eLearning Program 2A)

Aromatherapy for Physical and Mental Health

Aromatherapy: An Introduction

Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 2A


Growing Herbs for Aromatherapy

Module 2

(eLearning Program 2B)

Nutritional Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables


Video References

  1. Amaranth Leaves and Eggs Scrambled: Recipe
  2. Amaranth Leaves and Grated Coconut: Recipe
  3. Kakrol or Spine Gourd Fry Recipe
  1. Nutritional Benefits of Fruits 
  2. Nutritional Benefits of Vegetables 

Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 2B


Health Benefits of 150 Vegetables

Mineral Rich Vegetables

Vitamin Rich Vegetables

Vegetables: Nutritional and Medicinal Value

Module 3

(eLearning Program 2C)

Superfoods and Anti-Ageing Foods


  1. Superfoods: An Introduction
  2. Fish Diet for Brain Health

Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 2C


Mushrooms and Seaweeds

Spinach Herbs

Vegetable Superfoods

Brassica Vegetables

Bell Peppers

Asparagus Spears

Module 4

(eLearning Program 2D)

Balanced Diet and Nutrition 

  1. Importance of a Healthy Body Weight 
  2. Importance of Breakfast
  3. Detoxification Diet 
  4. Significance of Water-Diet
  5. Significance of Carbo-Diet
  6. Significance of Low Fat Diet
  7. Significance of Salt-Free Diet 
  8. Fruits and Vegetables for Diabetics 
  9. Fruits and Vegetables for Balanced Diets
  10. 5 Healthy Ways of Cooking
Beginner's Guide for eLearning Program 2D