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At RJC Creatrix Publishing Private Limited, we offer the following services:

  1. Digital Publishing of E-Books on ‘Food & Agriculture” (Visit Our Store) Through Our Website Www.Agrihortico.Com and Also Through Independent/Direct Publishing Platforms Available Online

  2. Digital Publishing of Featured Videos (In Three Languages – English, Hindi and Malayalam)

  3. Digital Publishing of PowerPoint Presentations and PDF Tutorials. Visit Our Tutorials to Know More

  4. Promotion of Products and Services of Our Customers through ‘Video Promos” and ‘Featured Ads”

  5. One Day Seminars and Trainings. Visit ‘Seminars’ to Know More

  6. Author Services. If You Want to Become an Author, We Are Here to Assist You. Visit our “Authors” Page to Know More

  7. E-Library Services – Unlimited Access to All Our Digital Publications such as E-Books, PPTs, and PDFs for Premium Members

  8. Forum for Discussions and Debates for All Registered Users