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Beginner's Guide for E-Learning Program 5D

Category: The Creatrix Tutorials for Entrepreneurs

We recommend you to download this BEGINNER GUIDE and study it carefully before you begin your eLearning program with us. Understanding instructions given in this BEGINNER GUIDE is instrumental for successful completion of your online course/eLearning Program.


You need to be a registered member of agrihortico.com in order to access BEGINNER GUIDE. To register with us as a USER, please use our ONLINE MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM.


Registration process is easy and user friendly. In case you face any issues regarding your registration process, please write to us at agrihortico@gmail.com or rjccreatrixpublishing@gmail.com  


Initial registration process will make you only a basic member of agrihortico.com. You need to upgrade your basic membership to premium membership by clicking on “Upgrade to Premium Membership” link given in the session of “MEMBER AREA” of your user account. Premium members have the privilege to access all contents and online course materials available at our website www.agrihortico.com.


If you are not in a position to complete our online seminars, you may choose to attend our OUTDOOR SEMINARS (One Day) and/or TRAINING PROGRAMS (5-Day). 

Complete information about our seminars/eLearning Programs is available on SEMINAR DETAILS PAGE 


You may use ONLINE BOOKING FORM FOR OUTDOOR SEMINAR/TRAINING for booking a seminar or training program of your choice in advance.


You may write to us at agrihortico@gmail.com or rjccreatrixpublishing@gmail.com to know more about our outdoor seminars and training programs. You may also call us on 0129-4871181 for more info…


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